AbsLab Tim
Tim virtual personal assistant
Now one of the main problems of virtual assistants is integration with the assistant, the person simply cannot train the assistant for his own needs. For example, existing helpers at the moment cannot interact with the server. Our solution is a fully optimized helper with the help of which any user can add their own functionality without any restrictions.

For example, you can give a command to an assistant so that he downloads the program you need from the Internet, restarts the computer, turns off unnecessary programs and much more.

Here you can download few examples of functions for Tim
Games and buttons
1.Using the function you can play our games and also It is an example of usage Inline URL buttons in your function.
2. Example of usage Inline buttons in your function.
API implementation
Using the function you can implement our API to your pc or server to work with a command from assistant and also It is an example of API implementation and computer Shutdown process
Real demo of our assistant